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Old Irish Goats Return to Howth

After a century-long absence, Old Irish Goats have returned to Howth Head, marking a significant milestone in the restoration of this historic landscape. These goats will play a crucial role in managing the growth of gorse, reducing the fire risk to nearby homes, and enhancing the biodiversity of the priority heathland habitats.

Until the 1940s, Howth Head was traditionally grazed by livestock, particularly goats. However, with the decline of traditional grazing practices, wildfires became more frequent, and the growth of gorse and bracken expanded, leading to a decline in the diversity and quality of the heathland. The reintroduction of Old Irish Goats aims to reverse these changes and restore the natural balance of this unique environment.

Watch Derek Mooney as he visits Melissa and the herd in Howth on Back From The Brink on RTE Player.

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