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The Howth walking tour that takes you to the highlights and best panoramic views on the East coast of Ireland. Get local and coastal on a human powered adventure. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere and flavours of this ancient and famous Dublin village on our easier pace Dublin hiking tour.

From €29

Explore the charming harbour and historic picturesque coastal village through the eyes of a real local. All our leaders are Howth natives who share their own unique insight.

Learn about our very own Game of Thrones! Howth's 800-year-old medieval Castle. Follow the secret paths and trails through the woodlands and heathlands to views that HG Wells described as the most beautiful in the World.

"most spectacular thing we’ve done.."

Zack’s costal hike was the most spectacular thing we’ve done on a 7 week trip to seven countries. We’ve visited the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Greek islands, the Vatican and Sistine chapel, so we’ve seen a lot of amazing things on our trip- this was by far the best. If you enjoy nature, water, green hills, and fields of purple heather you should not miss this hike.

Howth Walking Tours
Walk through time in the footsteps of an astonishing history, enjoying the breathtaking views on the Howth cliff walking tour, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of this amazing peninsula.
  • Stroll along the piers hearing about the history which inspired so many famous writers, artists and our local rock stars!

Nobody knows it better.  Howth Adventures are a favourite with locals and visitors alike. Routes vary depending on the ability of each group. Great group rates available for 2023

  • Climb to the spot described by HG Wells as the most beautiful view in the world

Howth Adventures


  • Panoramic views surrounded by nature and wildlife

  • Authentic local leaders

  • Learn about our very own Game of Thrones Howth Castle!

  • Follow the secret paths and trails

  • Walk the unforgettable Howth cliff path

  • Look out over the Baily Lighthouse on the UNESCO Biosphere

  • Escape the crowds on secret trails and insider tracks

  • See the Martello Towers built to defend Dublin against Napoleon

  • Climb to the spot described by HG Wells as the most beautiful view in the world

  • Spot the wildlife; sea birds, seals, dolphins and porpoises


  • Meet your leader at the entrance to Howth Market opposite Howth Train Station at 12:00

  • Walk up through Howth Village visiting St Mary's Abbey on the way which was founded by the Viking King Sitric in 1042

  • Explore the charming harbour learning about its unique position as the safest and most reliable port in Ireland.

  • Climb to Panoramic views over the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere and the East Coast

  • Follow the secret paths and trails through the woodlands and heathlands

  • Get a real connection with the people, nature, land and sea 

  • Take in the world-famous cliff path and amazing views of Howth Harbour, Ireland's Eye and Lambay Island.

  • Lots to discover and great photo opportunities no matter what way you turn.

  • With taste buds awakened after the fresh salty air, enjoy all the amazing hospitality Howth has to offer.

If the date you are looking for is not available please contact us, and we can arrange a Howth Walking Tour at a time that suits.
"Best day of my life!"

We had a fantastic day discovering Howth with Shane. He's an excellent guide, passionate, highly informative and great craic. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

"Incredibly unique and special with Zack.."

We loved out in in Howth, due in a large part to Zack from Shane's Howth Adventures. He took excellent care of our multigenerational group - we all immensely enjoyed learning about the history of the area. The natural beauty is incredible too!

"Wonderful hike in beautiful Howth"

Shane, We have spent 10 days in beautiful Ireland and this was by far the best part. Every part of the journey was magical. Shane’s insight and knowledge exceeded our expectations in every way. Will be recommending this trek to all future travelers :)

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