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Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve


Biospheres are places where nature and culture connect

Dublin Bay is the only Biosphere Reserve worldwide which includes within its area a national capital city.

They are internationally recognised for their biological diversity yet also actively managed to promote a balanced relationship between people and nature. A biosphere is a special designation awarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) but managed in partnership by communities, NGOs and local and national governments. The biosphere designation brings no new regulations; its aims are achieved by people working together.


Howth Adventures are proud supporters of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership and members of the Biosphere Charter. The Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is committed to working in partnership with local businesses to provide support and opportunities to those organisations who wish to do business in a more sustainable manner and contribute towards achieving the Dublin Bay Biosphere Vision, as a first step in this process they have developed a “Biosphere Charter” for Local “Biosphere Supporters”.

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