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Howth Adventures are family and friends whose passion in life is to share the beauty, history and nature of Howth with locals and guests from around the world

We go out of our way to create exciting, meaningful, personal and memorable, adventure experiences connecting the stories, people, land, sea and sky in Howth - the Capital of Adventure.

Escape the crowds on our Howth tours, walking, hiking, electric bikes, boat trips, sailing and special events.


Howth is part of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere and our mission is to share this beauty, leave no trace and keep it a unique and glorious sustainable treasure where nature, people and culture can thrive.


Cliff Path
Meet your tour guides


Our leaders are all Howth natives, who grew up here and share their own unique insight

You’ll do more than just see this beautiful peninsula in Dublin, you’ll live and feel it. A local leader is more than just a guide.


They are your key to getting a real and tangible connection with the peninsula and community.

All for one and one for all!

Local Leaders


We're honoured to be recipients of awards from the travel community and beyond

As Dublin’s leading outdoor adventure company, Howth Adventures are in a position to make a difference. We hope that the benefits of being sustainable and responsible encourages others to enjoy human powered adventures, taking steps to leave no trace and protect the beauty, wilderness and nature all around us.

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Industry Recognition
Responsible Business
Rhododendron Gardens Howth


Providing sustainable adventure eco tourism to secure the coastal beauty and wilderness of Howth forever

Leaving lighter footprints, taking care of and respecting the environment. Investing in the local community and experiencing genuine connections with nature and the people you meet along the way.


As founders and members of the Howth Biosphere Community Network, we follow the principles of the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere on all activities, tours and experiences in Howth

Paying particular attention to sustainability and development of local resources, both human and natural by earning trust and support from the community, involving and engaging locals as the first port of call, engaging the people who actually work, live and visit Howth day by day.

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Howth Biosphere
Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve


Biospheres are places where nature and culture connect

Dublin Bay is the only Biosphere Reserve worldwide which includes within its area a national capital city.

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Dublin bay Biosphere
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