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The Puffins are back!

The Puffins are back!  Hop on board Ireland’s Eye Ferries with Shane, Harry and Wayne this weekend. Explore the nooks and crannies around Ireland's Eye. Spot the sea birds, seals sunbathing on the rocks and…puffins!

Fun for all the family, multi generational adventures. Our small group boat tours get you up close to the caves, cliffs and island

The smallest species of Auk in Ireland, a highly marine species which is only found on land in the breeding season. A black and white seabird, with black above and white below. In the breeding season the parrot like multi-coloured bill and large white patch on the face make adults distinctive and easily recognisable at close quarters. The bill is smaller on the adult in winter and much smaller on the juvenile. At a distance can be told from Guillemot by its small size, thicker body, larger, heavier head and darker underwing.

Find out all about the Puffins in Ireland at

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