Shane's Howth Hikes is becoming Shane's Howth Adventures

Reflecting our inspiring experiences with you, Shane's Howth Hikes is becoming Shane's Howth Adventures.  Step by step towards more wonderful and inspiring ways to discover the beautiful adventures and cultures of Howth, Ireland and Europe.  Immerse yourself in our coastal wonderland on and off the water.  Carefully blending this celebrated Unesco Biosphere with “ the feeling” of our visitors is our secret recipe for light , but deep,  unforgettable personal connections through nature to each other. Living the friendships and partnerships we have built since childhood through the local grounding of our guides you will discover the essence of what we love to share. Surprise yourself with a natural high in the freshest salty air and the intimacy of a very Irish connection to this unique, ancient and natural community of life.  I look forward to being guided by you on the next steps of this journey as warmly, authentically and surely as you have guided me so far…..

Howth, The Capital Of Adventure

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