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Come outdoors with us in a wilder, kinder, safer world.  Reconnect safely with family, friends and colleagues.  Enjoy an alternative, uplifting and exhilarating activity together.


Our award-winning Howth tours are now also a favourite with locals.

Group Adventure Howth
Howth Boats
Reconnect, celebrate and relax with family and friends on a human powered, eco friendly and safe outdoor adventure


Our local guides will lead your group on an unforgettable hike, walk, bike, or boat tour with extra options for picnics, refreshments, meals en-route or when you finish.


You can now exclusively book with us into the very special and unique 'Secret Garden' off the Howth cliff path for refreshments on request.



"Family fun times.."

Our bike tour with the wonderful Aileen was the best family outing you could want. We were a group of all ages from mid teens to mid 60’s and Aileen made it easy and fun for all!! Aileen brought piles of knowledge and enthusiasm.

The sights were stunning and we got to see so much. None of the group had used electric bikes before yet we couldn’t recommend them more! With Aileen’s guidance we felt safe and at ease within minutes and allowed for just the best day of history, giggles and getting to see how beautiful the area really is.

If you are heading this direction, or just want to enjoy something different and fun, do not miss this tour 👌🏻

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Follow the trails and Howth cliff path to the Baily Lighthouse, overlooking Dublin Bay, Dalkey Island, and the Wicklow mountains. Enjoy exclusive access to a very private and unique 'Secret Garden'.

This precious oasis has been home to an old Howth family for over 500 years whose ancestors were Howth people of soil and salt, living at Kitestown Cottage for centuries.  Their home was the loneliest outpost of the old Kitestown townland, only accessible across the moors on a rocky trail.  Celebrate and reconnect in this hidden gem, enjoying refreshments and food by local producers and restaurants.

Come with us on an unforgettable on the water Howth experience, sailing at Howth Yacht Club or kayaking along the beautiful coast of Howth and Sutton.

Sail with fully qualified instructors in a fun, safe and exhilarating experience aboard a fleet of J80 Sports boats or RIBs at Howth Yacht Club.​ All clothing and equipment is provided.


Kayak along the coast of Howth and Sutton in the Dublin Bay Biosphere, moving silently through the water exploring hidden places that only kayaks can reach. Highly experienced guides on every trip.

Howth On The Water


  • A coast to coast tour from the Irish Sea to Dublin Bay and back again

  • 800 years of history in our very own Game of Thrones Howth Castle

  • Learn about the visit from the pirate Queen

  • Relax in the hidden Rhododendrons gardens

  • Connect with prehistory, the underworld and heartache at Aideen's Grave

  • Surprise each other climbing the magic steps to HG Wells most beautiful view in the world

  • Take a break at Red Rock on the southern cliffs

  • Live and feel the real Dublin outdoors in the UNESCO Biosphere

  • Walk, hike or ebike through the landscapes and atmospheres that inspired artists; Yeats, Joyce, Orpen, Wells and U2 

  • Romantic and nostalgic ruins of 1920's swimming pools at Bellinghams, Guinnesses and Jamesons

  • Savour a refreshment at the Summit Inn like the first tourists in Europe

  • Come down from your natural high together to reflect in the warmth and hospitality of the village and harbour in time for tea.

  • Enjoy the enchanting wilderness in the very special Secret Garden….

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