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Reconnect in these crazy times with family, friends and colleagues. Enjoy an alternative uplifting and exhilarating activity together. All covid recommendations, guidelines and procedures are tried and tested. Our award winning Howth tours are now also a favourite with locals.

Travel through time hearing of Howth’s deep history at the same time surrounded by beautiful marine wildlife including porpoises, seals, gannets, cormorants, oystercatchers and more. Famous landmarks we encounter include Howth Harbour, Howth Castle, the Martello Towers, an ancient dolmen and the Baily Lighthouse. Awaken your senses to the fragrances, sights and sounds of this delightful peninsula.

We will guide a hike and experience that will get the best out of your special crew, with extra options for a picnic, refreshments or meal en route or when you finish.

If you want the special Howth tour experience connecting with maritime, wildlife and the deep blue sea, we can include a boat trip around Ireland's Eye or a sailing experience at Howth Yacht Club.

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  • Howth Hill Experience - 2.5 hours

  • Assemble with your crew and guide at a designated spot in Howth

  • Experience the picturesque fishing village of Howth, the secret trails and famous cliff walks

  • Take in Howth Castle, the magical surroundings, history, myths and legends

  • Walk to the Cromlech a 4000 year old burial site and national monument

  • Ascending steadily proceed to Muck Rock, HG Wells most beautiful view in the world.

  • Head from Muck Rock through exquisite deciduous woodland

  • Weave through the stunning protected heathland to Howth Summit

  • Descend back down into Howth Village via the beautiful cliff paths to enjoy some tea, dinner and warm hospitality.

  • The guides provide a historical narrative to bring the classical locations to life


  • Howth Safari Hike - 4.5 hours

  • Assemble with your crew at a designated spot in Howth 

  • Take in Howth Castle, the magical surrounding, history, myths & legends

  • Visit the 4000 year old Dolmen, Aideen's Grave

  • Climb to HG Wells most beautiful view in the world

  • Follow the heathlands to the epic coastal views on the South side of the hill

  • Weave along the famous cliffs paths which inspired Yeats, Joyce, Orpen, Wells & U2

  • The view from the Summit will take your breath away before desecending down the village

      Enjoy tea timers, dinner and all the warm hospitality Howth has to offer

  • Howth Panoramic e-Bike Tour - 3.5 hours
  • Cycle to the most breath taking views in Ireland without getting out of breath. 
  • Our e-bikes are great fun and trusty on the tarmac or the trails. 
  • We mix the insider tracks and tales of this truly amazing peninsula on a 3 hour tour while taking you to unrivalled panoramic views away from the crowds surrounded by nature and beauty.
  • We travel on grass and loose gravel paths on and off road.
  • Experience unique and panoramic perspectives on this stunning Dublin bike tour. Now also a favourite with locals.








  • 30 minutes from Dublin City Centre or airport
  • Nobody knows it better
  • A coast to coast hike from the Irish Sea to Dublin Bay and back again
  • Passionate and expert local guides, enchanting territory, 4000 years of history step by step
  • Off-road to the Rhododendrons and connect with prehistory at Aideen's Grave
  • Surprise each other with a sturdy jungle climb to HG Wells most beautiful view in the world
  • Take a break and catch your breath at Red Rock on the southern cliffs. Get your own handle on Howth Castle , Martello Towers, Dolmen and relics of bygone era's
  • Landscape and atmospheres that inspired artists; Yeats, Joyce, Orpen, Wells and U2 
  • Romantic and nostalgic ruins of 1920's swimming pools at Bellinghams, Guinnesses and Jamesons
  • Savour a refreshment at the Summit Inn like the first tourists in Europe
  • Come down from your natural high together to reflect in the warmth and hospitality of the village and harbour in time for tea.




  1. Howth
  2. Tramline Bench
  3. Reservoir
  4. Bog of Frogs
  5. Aideens Grave
  6. Muck Rock
  7. Red Rock
  8. The Needles
  9. The Bailey
  10. The Summit
  11. Down the Tramlines