Meeting in Person - Refresh your crew - Maximum 9.

Meet your team in the exquisite Spring nature of the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere at Howth. Enjoy a hike together as you catch up person to person, respecting the social distance protocols. Rekindle work relationships and friendships. Get beyond the screens and the phones. 
  • Meet on the salty middle pier at Howth Harbour 
  • Form the group and agree the health protocols
  • Hike up the tramlines and across the old battlefield of Evora from Celtic and Norman times
  • Discover the history of Ireland in the forgotten landscapes where it was written
  • Explore the many eccentric and exotic habitats of Ireland in the Unesco Dublin Bay Biosphere
  • Work your body in the environment it evolved to enjoy
  • Be inspired by the panoramas of WB Yeats, James Joyce and William Orpen 
  • Spend some real and intimate time together , while staying safe
  • Ignite your sense of wonder and adventure 
  • The route adapts to the weather, and the capability of the group


  • Refresh your real relationships
  • Increase attention span and problem solving skills (Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings)
  • Build your team with a real 10km hike at a comfortable pace for the group
  • Enhance creative thinking (Marily Oppezzo / Daniel Schwarz- Stanford University)
  • Improve resilience
  • Boost your mood
  • Detox and reset
  • Strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system



  1. Middle Pier, Howth Harbour, Howth
  2. Howth Castle
  3. Aideens Grave
  4. Muck Rock
  5. Mud Oak Cottage
  6. BarrenHill
  7. Bellinghams Harbour
  8. Drumleck
  9. Doldrum Bay
  10. William and Kate's walk
  11. The Summit
  12. The Tramline Bench
  13. Howth Village