Howth Coastal Walk

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From EUR 29

The award winning Howth tour that takes you to the highlights and best panoramic views on the East Coast of Ireland. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere and flavours of this ancient and famous Dublin village on our Howth walking tour. Explore the charming harbour and historic picturesque coastal village through the eyes of a local. All our guides are Howth natives who share their own unique insight. Visit the beautiful grounds of Howth's 800 year old medieval Castle. Follow the secret paths and trails through the woodlands and heathlands to views that HG Wells described as the most beautiful in the World. Walk through time in the footsteps of an astonishing history, enjoying the breathtaking views on the Howth cliff walk, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of this amazing peninsula. Stroll along the piers hearing about the history which inspired so many famous writers, artists and our local rock stars!

With taste buds awakened after the fresh salty air, enjoy all the amazing hospitality Howth has to offer.

Nobody knows it better.  We are the favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Routes vary depending on the ability of each group. Great group rates available for 2021.


From EUR 29

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Meet your local guide at Howth Market
  • Visit the beautiful grounds of Howth's 800 year old Castle, or head for St Marys Abbey and Tower Hill
  • Follow the secret paths and trails through the woodlands and heathlands
  • Climb to Muck Rock to Panoramic views over Dublin and the East Coast
  • Stroll though Howth Village visiting St Mary's Abbey on the way which was founded by the Viking King Sitric in 1042
  • Take in the world famous cliff path and amazing views of Howth Harbour, Ireland's Eye and Lambay Island.
  • Explore the charming harbour learning about it's unique position as the safest and most reliable port in Ireland.
  • Enjoy warm local hospitality wherever you go. 
Suitable for individuals or groups
  • Get local and coastal
  • The history and nature of Ireland within 5 kilometres of the Harbour and the famous Howth cliff path.
  • Start at midday and be back by 3PM.  The pace will be easy going. 
  • Award winning local guides who all grew up in Howth will look after you and your group.
  • Explore the trails, Howth cliff path and panoramic views surrounded by nature and wildlife. 
  • Iconic views that have drawn people here for 8,000 years.
  • Martello Towers and Lighthouses. Tombs older than the pyramids.
  • The route will make the best of the weather. There is lots to discover whichever way you turn. 
  • Aideens Grave, making Stonehenge and the Pyramids young.
  • Siamese Jungle, Rhododendron gardens, planted by gentlemen scientists inspired by Darwin in the 1800's.
  • The Celts, Christians, Vikings, Normans and the Anglo Irish, all dying to be here.   
  • James Joyce, WB Yeats, U2, Phil Lynnott, Thin Lizzy, John Banville. 
  • Views described by HG Wells as the most beautiful view in the world. See Dublin City, bay, the coastline north and south from the truly ancient Eadairs peak. 
  • Powerful sea birds, seals, dolphins and porpoise, with the ocasional whale. 
  • Back to the haven of Howth Harbour. Follow up with a gourmet meal or fish and chips.
  • Cafés, restaurants, markets, bars and shops abound.
  • We have the coveted Covid Safety Charter and outside is the safest place to be.
  • Howth's most authentic outdoor experiences in the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere. 



  1. 3A Harbour Road, Howth
  2. Howth Castle
  3. Aideen's Grave, Dolmen
  4. Woodlands and Rhododendron Gardens
  5. Howth Summit and Baily Lighthouse
  6. Viewing point from Howth Cliff Path
  7. St. Mary's Abbey, 30 Abbey St
  8. Howth Lighhouse, East Pier, Howth